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Privacy Policy

Dear Consumers,

Before you start using our services, we would like to inform you about your rights and obligations as a consumer when using our services. To this end, we would like to ask you to read carefully the Terms of Use highlighted here.

Using our website and MARABELA web sales services means that you are familiar with our Terms of Use and that you fully accept them. If our Terms of Use are unacceptable to you, then do not use this website, as well as the services offered on it.

1. Privacy Policy

In order to enable the use of MARABELA web sales service, which is described in detail in the section entitled: "Delivery Information", it is necessary for MARABELA to collect and process certain of your personal data. Specifically, we need your name and surname, residential address and e-mail address, telephone number. You provide this information at the time of your registration on our website and at the time of ordering the product. At that time you at the same time agree to provide your personal data, so that it can be processed by MARABELA, for the stated purpose.

Your personal data will be used in order for us to be able to deliver your order on time and accurately. Additionally, your personal data will be used to inform you about your orders.
The use of our web sale is not possible without your personal data, and your registration constitutes consent, MARABELA to collect and process your personal data for the purposes and in the manner described in these Terms of Use.

MARABELA will use all collected personal data exclusively for the purposes for which they are given. Also, personal data will be stored within a time and in a manner clearly provided in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection and all other applicable laws, as well as all technical and organizational security measures. As a personal data subject, you have the right at any time to request information about any personal data we hold about you, to request its correction if it is incorrect, or to request its deletion.
All information related to or arising from the purchase made by our customer on our web store is considered a business secret and is treated as such in accordance with the laws of the Republic of S. Macedonia.

For all requests and additional information please contact us at or at 078 / 897-664.


3. Delivery

The courier service delivers to your address from Monday to Friday from 8-16h, and on Saturday from 8-15h. For that purpose, a person is needed who will be present at the address indicated for delivery. Normal delivery time is 1-3 working days.

The price of delivery for the territory of the entire Republic of S. Macedonia is 100 denars to the base, which means that you will be obliged to pick up your order yourself, 130 denars if you want the delivery to be done to the address you specify.

The cost of delivery is paid by the buyer. If the order is returned by the courier service due to a failed attempt to deliver the shipment, the shipment is returned and you receive a ban on any future order from our store. If a product replacement is required, the cost of returning and downloading the new product is borne by the buyer. Marabella assumes the obligation to settle the cost only if it delivers an unsuitable product in terms of color or model.


4. The right to reclaim

When the ordered product is delivered to you, you are obliged to immediately review it in order to determine if the product corresponds to your order.

If the delivered product does not correspond to the ordered in terms of shape, model, color or for other reasons deviates from the ordered, then you have the right to request a replacement for the delivered product within 15 days from the date of sale. This right of replacement is valid only if the product has not been used, if its appearance, usable properties, seals, factory labels, etc. have been preserved.

In case an unsuitable product is delivered, please notify us on the number 078 / 897-664 or on our e-mail address contact @ marabellaofficial within 24 minutes from the moment of delivery. We will inform you as soon as possible about the further steps that need to be taken in order to exercise your rights as a consumer.


5. Product delivery with defects

When the ordered product is delivered to you, you are obliged to inspect it immediately in order to determine if there are certain defects of the delivered product.

The consumer to whom a defective product has been sold has the right to request: - free removal of the defects, replacement of the same with another product of the buyer's choice or final termination of the contract, refund of the paid amount.

In order to exercise the above rights, the consumer is obliged to submit an appropriate confirmation, and MARABELA is obliged to receive the product with defect from the consumer and to satisfy his requests, unless he proves that the defects of the product occurred due to violation of the rules of use and storage by the consumer, third parties or force majeure. The consumer has the right to attend the product inspection.


6. Product replacement

If it is necessary to replace the product that was properly delivered by MARABELA, the cost of returning and downloading the new product is borne by the buyer. MARABELA assumes the obligation to settle the cost only if it delivers an unsuitable product in relation to the model. The replacement is made by creating a new order, in the note of which you indicate that it is a replacement. The announcement for replacement in the courier service is the responsibility of MARABELA. Once the product has been returned to MARABELA and it has been determined that it has not been used, its appearance, usable properties and factory labels have been preserved, the new product will be sent to you. The customer can make a size change or model replacement. If the price of the new item is higher, the client will pay extra.


7. Changing the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

MARABELA reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use at any time and without prior notice. Therefore, in order to be up to date with any changes and given that they are binding on you and us, we invite you to periodically check whether such changes have occurred.

These Terms of Use are interpreted exclusively in accordance with the laws of the Republic of S. Macedonia.


8. Policies for using the e-commerce system.

By accessing the MARABELA website and ordering products / services, you agree to accept the terms of this Policy for using the e-commerce system.

MARABELA reserves the right to change these policies and conditions at any time, and the changes will be posted on this page.

Personal data are considered: Name, Surname, personal identification number, address, e-mail address, etc. The buyer guarantees the accuracy of the data entered. MARABELA does not bear any responsibility if the entered data are not correct.


9. Policy and conditions for delivery of product and service

This Policy refers to the delivery of products ordered electronically, whereby the products will be delivered through BRZA PRATAKA DOOEL to the address specified in the order.

The products and their prices will be displayed on this website. MARABELA strives to provide appropriate photos, prices and stock of products, but can not guarantee that they are always without error. The accuracy of this information can be obtained by calling 078 / 897-664. Payment for the products can only be made in cash upon receipt by the courier service.

For any additional questions regarding the order and delivery method, you can contact us directly by phone or ask a question in the contact section.


10. Guarantees and responsibilities

MARABELA manages the site Thus, MARABELA guarantees that the content of this website, as well as the conditions for its use, are in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of S. Macedonia. MARABELA, on the other hand, does not warrant that the content and use of the Services are in accordance with the laws of other countries from which the consumer could access this website.

If you visit this website or use our services outside the territory of the Republic of S. Macedonia, you are doing this aware of the consequences and given that, you are responsible for any possible violation of the applicable laws of the country from which you access the website or use its services.